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is a Christian community Discord.

We are a community cantered around fellowship and sharing the truth of the Gospel. Primarily based out of Australia, we seek to grow together as brothers and sisters in Christ while sharing the good news found in the Bible - God's abounding love for us displayed perfectly in the death of Jesus Christ.

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Here at Faith Bound, we hold to the belief that everyone is sinful. That everyone has done something wrong to rebel against their creator and that the punishment for that sin is death.

That is why God sent his son Jesus, for He so loved creation and yearned to know His people that Jesus died the death that all believers deserved to atone for our sins. And that he arose again three days later, His sacrifice accepted by God on high and now mediates for us to His Father at all times.

And that all who believe this message, would be justified by faith, not by works, and know true joy and peace in their lives as they enter a close relationship with their perfect Father in heaven.

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🕹️ Community Gaming Sessions
Regular exciting gameplay sessions!

Come and join in all the fun had by our community! From games like Minecraft, to League of Legends - there is something for everyone.

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Meet new peopleVariety of games
📓 Blog Posts
Articles on a variety of topics!

Faith Bound is committed to providing articles on various hotly debated topics amongst Christian and non-Christian circles.

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ChallengingGospel Focused
🛠 Moderated Community
Safe place for everyone!

Faith Bound is moderated by a dedicated team committed to keeping the community safe and free from trolls.

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